Felt black hat with the inscription "cropped hat" on it.
An elastic band is integrated to the Cropped Hat™.
Black felt Cropped Hat™ is the Camille Côté signature hat.
Natural hair model wearing the Cropped Hat™.
The Cropped Hat™ weared by an afro hair model.
The black felt Cropped Hat™ fits this braided hair model.
The model wear the Cropped Hat™ by Montreal designer Camille Côté.
The black felt hat is weared with a black and white outfit by the model.
The Cropped Hat™ weared by the model for Camille Côté campain.
The curly natural hair model wearing Camille Côté Cropped Hat™.
The black Cropped Hat™ fits natural curly hair.

Classic CROPPED HAT™ Original


Medium brim and large integrated elastic band on the back. With a perfect fit and a floppy look, this is an any season hat, light and breathable.


  • 100% Australian Wool Felt
  • Black
  • Relaxed Fit  Logo Camille Côté  
  • Classic Original Cut  Logo Camille Côté

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