Felt black hat with the inscription "cropped hat" on it.
An elastic band is integrated to the Cropped Hat™.
Black felt Cropped Hat™ is the Camille Côté signature hat.
Natural hair model wearing the Cropped Hat™.
The Cropped Hat™ weared by an afro hair model.
The black felt Cropped Hat™ fits this braided hair model.
The model wear the Cropped Hat™ by Montreal designer Camille Côté.
The black felt hat is weared with a black and white outfit by the model.
The Cropped Hat™ weared by the model for Camille Côté campain.
The curly natural hair model wearing Camille Côté Cropped Hat™.
The black Cropped Hat™ fits natural curly hair.

Classic Croppedhat™ Original

Croppedhat™ reinvented the classic black felt hat. Now the staple of the brand, the designer tought of a hat more as a garment, which resulted to this perfect fit comfortable hat.

Medium brim and large integrated logo elastic band on the back. With its floppy look and classic cut, this is an any season exclusive item that will matches every outfit.

  • 100% Wool Felt
  • Black
  • Relaxed Fit  Logo Camille Côté  
  • Classic Original Cut  Logo Camille Côté

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