The small desert town of Marfa, TX.

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The perfect blend between art and travel, most likely one of the most interesting towns I have come across in my entire career. I highly recommend the detour if you can make it all the way down there! 


The journey started in San Antonio, where I landed and needed to drive over six hours to reach the town of Marfa. The heat was intense and I almost ran out of gas, but friendly strangers helped me refuel before I got hit by the most intense desert thunderstorm I have ever come across, where the sky turned into a giant spiderweb of lightening for a few hours.


A personal tip when traveling in the USA, most gas stations ask for your Zip Code when paying by credit card, and the transaction will be denied if you don’t get it right. Here’s the trick: if your postal code is H1A 5C2, take the numbers 152 and add two 0s. So your zip code will be 15200. This way you won’t have to beg strangers for money like I did, you’re welcome ;)


After this unexpected detour I finally made it to Marfa, checked into my teepee and then the flood started! Luckily my backpack is waterproof,  so it was nothing a glass of wine couldn’t fix. 


The day after was totally spectacular! The town was packed with art, from the gas station to the nearby shop up the road. It is definitely a very inspiring place, be sure to take it slow living the desert lifestyle and finding your inner artist. 



I can’t really describe it more because nothing I can say will do it justice. Marfa is a place you have to see with your own eyes to really understand what it is all about, but I’ll gladly give you advice on how to have the best experience.


    1.    Stay in El Cosmico for a great glamping experience.

    2.    Do you like minimalism? See Donald Judd’s massive art installations at The Chinati Foundation. 

    3.    Check out The Wrong Store, cool art gallery/boutique.

    4.    Watch the Marfa Lights. You’ll be lucky if you catch those mysterious glowing orbs. 

    5.    Make a detour through Valentine to see the infamous Prada Marfa “store”

    6.    You can’t leave without eating at Marfa Burrito. 


On a last note, stay hydrated, cover your head, and send us your pictures.


Happy travels!


Pamela @lavoyepa

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