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The key word is sustainability. Everything will be thought in a way to perpetuate the use of your hat through time, through your adventures and trough your everyday life. 

You can expect a huge focus towards the nautical theme. The ocean will be taken has an inspiration where, just like it, the shapes will be fluid and thought in a way to travel across seasons. No more waste, it is time to be conscious about our consumption and the impact it has on the environment.   


Natural fibers will be put forward. The SS20 universe will be built around materials such as natural straw and fishnet to create minimalist and contemporary shapes. The colors will be neutral with a huge use of beige in contrast with black.

It is without saying that all of our hats will follow our concept of the “perfect fit” for every hairstyles and shapes of head with the use of the elastic band at the back.

This is an inclusive as well as a longevity concept since the hat will always fit you perfectly no matter what hairstyle you decide to have.


Le Brigitte   

Made from straw and cotton, this hat is perfect for all of your future travels. Its creme color will travel across time and go with all of your looks. Its round shape fit every type of face and offer an optimal comfort.

Le Clair

100% composed from straw, this hat offers an innovative look. Perfect mix between a hat and a cap, it will add a singular element to your outfit.

Le Tsu

100% made from straw, this hat has a unique shape. Its oriental influence will be perfect whether it is for an afternoon at the beach or in the city. Its beige color, coming in contrast with the black elastic at the back, creates a minimalist and timeless look.

Le Marion

Offered in pastel or in black, this visor will be the perfect accessory to enhance or complement all of your festival looks. Composed 100% from straw, the elastic at the back will fit perfectly natural textured hair.

Le Liberté

The revamp of the Bucket Hat. The « Liberté » style offers a more sophisticated take on the bucket hat style. Made from a mix of cotton and straw, its rose color will be a statement piece to all of your looks.


In sum, imagine this: You, your hat and your future right in front of you. Here’s what to expect for SS 20 at Camille Coté.



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