Perfect playlist to enjoy this summer

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The wait is OFFICIALLY over ! Winter is behind us, I repeat we are FREE.  

With the sun shining, summer clothes are out, people are going back outside (with or without a mask on) it seems like we’re living again.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for this summer. It’ll be a special summer that’s for sure considering what’s happening right now around the world. But we got this...TOGETHER.

Make sure you take a break from social media, reach out to a friend, educate yourself, go for a walk… Do something to ease your soul and clear your mind <3

Here’s a little something for you… full of good vibrations. Now settle in and ENJOY. 

Listen the playlist hereand tell us what you think.


If your hat was a song, what would it be ?


Today, the game is……. One Cropped Hat, one Tune ! 

The Cropped Hat™ (aka The Crown Hat), this hat screams “Be fierce...You got this Queen ! Conquer the world”


Side view of our black original Cropped Hat™, available online.  The original felt Cropped Hat™ has a large elastic band on the back designed to fits every hair types.


A black model with braids is wearing the Original Cropped Hat™ by Camille Côté.

MY POWER - Beyoncé, Nija, Yemi Alade, Tierra Whack,  Busiswa, Moonchild Sanely ft DJ The Lag Lion 



LIBERTÉ, a straw hat for those of you who prefer simplicity but looking for elegance at the same time. This one it the right fits.

Side view of the summer Cropped Hat™ Libertée in Pink.Back view of our straw bucket hat Libertée in Cream color.

Our model is wearing the straw bucket hat Libertée.

Nights - Frank Ocean 


If you’re looking for a special look this summer, AIMÉE is the right one to wear, it’s flexible and its visor protection will give the comfort you need to enjoy the summer.


The back view of the AIMÉE black staw visor.The side view of our Cropped Hat™ AIMÉE from Camille Côté's summer collection.

The model wear a black leather jacket with the wide straw visor AIMÉE.


No Love Allowed - Rihanna


And the last one,  the timeless CLAIRE, a statement’s piece essential for your whole outfit.


Side view of the CLAIRE riding cap in black color.Side view of the Camille Côté CLAIRE straw Cropped Cap™.

The model is wearing the perfect fit CLAIRE cap in white.


Diddy Bop - Noname ft Raury, Cam O’bi 


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