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While everyone in February was in full mode thinking who their valentines would be, February for us was more about celebrating black history month. We wanted to share with you our love for Afro-American artists that inspired us and set our mood for this entire month.

From Pop, to R&B, we brought down our list to our top five singers that we are obsess with, to either make you discover a new artist or share with us your love for them. We added a song recommendation you‘ll definitely want to share with all of your friends and listen in repeat. So, let’s end this month on a good note with some fresh tunes.



The 25 year old camerouno-american artist, sets a different type of mood with her self-titled album Vagabon. Every song brings different emotions, written from the perspective of a woman diving into her self-worth.


We are particularly obsessed with “Water me down”, this song has a catching beat and lyrics that can relate to multiple aspects of someone’s life.





Brittney Park, the artist behind Sudan Archives, is a singer, song writer, violinist and producer. Her music is a beautiful mix of R&B, electronic, Hip Hop and she also takes inspiration from Sudanese fiddlers which results in her having her own unique sound. 

You would never know she is a self-taught violinist with her song “Confession” a mix of violin, soft beat and deep-felt lyrics that you will keep in repeat.



Yseult gives us a new style which she define as “Y-trap”, a mix between Trap and Pop. With her Cameroon roots she makes urban music that sets a different type of mood.

We have major vacation envy with her song “Nudes”. This catchy beat will make you ask yourself why isn’t it summer yet and help you get through the rest of the winter.




Born in Papua New Guinea, Kaiit is a singer and songwriter. Her songs bring in some sassy lyrics and melodies mixed with an R&B feeling. She writes in a way that gives her listeners a glimpse into her world. 

Her song “Girl in the picture” is a warning to be careful with who you surround yourself with. The familiar lyrics and catchy beat feel like you’re having a real conversation with your friends.




BEAM which stands for “Me Everything And More”, is a rapper-producer that has already made a name for himself as a producer, partnering up with 21 savage, 2 CHAINZ and more. His sound is a mix of hip hop, trap and pop. 

His song “Mad Gaal”, from his first album 95, takes influence from his West Indies origin. The soulful voice of Morgan Saint elevates the song to create an hypnotic vibe and feeling that will get you hooked on the first seconds.


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