SLM Reveals Her Top 5 Songs To Make You Feel Alive

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When we feel lonely - especially in those dark times we going through - music is like a dopamine injection. We asked the cool and lovely Montreal singer Shailah L. Morris her five top songs that put some joy and make her forget this pandemic for a while...

The singer SLM



#1  Lockdown - Koffee



#2  Slidin - 21 Savage



#3  19 - Flo Milli



#4  Kikin Back - Mila J



#5  IDGAF - Ken The Man


Discover Shailah L. Morris last release


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Streetwear Everywhere

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Fashion is an art, whether we agree or not.

It's not all about Haute Couture with super expensive brands. So today let’s  talk about streetwear, which is a nice combination between sportswear, music (mainly hip-hop) and art (graffiti) and its influence in the fashion world.

Let’s go back, back to the beginning... Does the Stussy brand mean anything to you? It's the brand that gave birth to street fashion.

Born in the 80's, streetwear started in California with Shawn Stussy. At the beginning, he was selling t-shirts with surf logos, then the idea of large flocked t-shirts with logos came... Streetwear was born. It boomed mainly thanks to urban culture (hip-hop, skateboarding, and surfing). As time went by, hip-hop/rap artists became the streetwear influencers. 

At the time, dressing up could be a luxury for some people, so young people managed to do it with limited resources , wearing oversized clothes or sportswear while asserting their identity.

Today, the 2 major Streetwear brands that have been all the rage since the beginning are:

Stussy, we mentioned it earlier.

Supreme, created by James Jebbia in 1994 is a streetwear brand that mainly targeted young New York artists and skateboarders.

Here are a few tips to get a streetwear look:

  • Favour loose clothing, the wider the better.
  • Don't hesitate to mix and match different styles.
  • Be yourself, the most important thing is that you are comfortable.
  • Focus on accessories (caps, bags, jewelry)

If in doubt, wear black #ALLBLACKEVERYTHING, you can't go wrong with black.

Today, streetwear has become a symbol of freedom and creativity. It’s for everyone. Although fashion changes according to society, streetwear continues to inspire the world.

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Artist of the week : A date with Rudy aka ICSTGIY

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Fresh new.

Every two weeks we pick an artist for you to follow #AOTW.

It's time for you to discover new artists according to your interests: dance, music, painting, literature, photography or cinema.

Here is the musical artist / producer Rudy aka ICTGIY

L'artiste musical Rudy aka ICTGIY



Who are you ?

My name is Rudy aka ICSTGIY for I Can See The Good In You, I am a Parisian who came to settle in Montreal. I am passionate about art of all kinds but more particularly music. I am a music producer (a bit diverse for the style of music but mainly hip-hop and RnB)

Also, I am starting a Mandown Mandown YouTube channel which will talk about men in society :)



Choose 3 words to describe your art





What stimulates your creativity ?


Absolutely everything, it can be a personal situation, the news or people I meet. All of my experiences and the details of them are somehow part of the creative process.



Name 3 inspirations


  • Kanye west
  • The beauty of this world (from a simple waterfall to the goodness of one individual towards another) hence my name of Producer "I Can See The Good In You"
  • Women (a woman’s strength is really inspiring)

My main inspiration is the success of others because it inspires me a lot, it boosts me !



Any advice for future in-the-making artists?


  • Be patient, it’s very important
  • Use all resources (internet, tutorials)
  • Follow your gut
  • Be curious
  • Be open to learning "be teachable"
  • Listen to feedback and take a step back

    Follow Rudy >>>

    YouTube Mandown Mandown.................................................voir

    Instagram Mandown Mandown...............................................voir

    Instagram Producer:  I Can See The Good In You...................voir 

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    Our Five Favorites Looks

    Posted by Julie Yango on

    When it comes to summer, anything you have in your wardrobe can do the trick, to be honest. But if you’re looking for some new inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

    We’ve selected 5 looks that will you freshen up your style whether it’s for a day at the office, a casual day with your friends, you name it. From chic to street style outfits, we’ve got you, ladies! 

    Time to scroll and get inspired!

    @downtowngirluptownchic_ - Shavonne M

    @neslasauce - Ayeesha 

    @seeratsaini_ - Seerat Saini 

    @Bybriani - Briani

    @enkayatelier - Nastasia Nygaard Frydman

    LOOK 1

    Beautiful street chic style that a long hair girl is wearing.

    @downtowngirluptownchic_ - Shavonne M is giving us classy vibes. 

    Brown and black are a great duo. Define your style by wearing camel pants mix it with a black top (and black blazer) to intensify your look. You can add a stretch belt to accentuate your waist and make it more sophisticated.

    LOOK 2

    A woman walking in a fushia long dress and a hair scarf.

    @neslasauce - Ayeesha 

    Yes, it’s definitely Summer, do you see it ? Well, most of us choose vivid colours (no worries, we still rock our muted colors) during this time. It just fits with the mood right?!

    Here we have a perfect street style look <3 


    LOOK 3

    A girl sitting on her bed wearing a summer tan outfit and a little pink bag.

    @seeratsaini_ - Seerat Saini  

    Easy way to wear a blazer, keep it simple but cute...ALWAYS! It’s still trendy. 

    Adding a belt will emphasize your waist perfectly. It’s up to you whether you want to wear it loose or more fitted.

    Oh and don’t forget your little accessory ;)

    LOOK 4

    This girl wear a relax street outfit with white sneakers.

    @enkayatelier - @nastasia.nygaard.frydman

    A tomboy look but make it still stylish! Looking for something comfy for work? 

    Here we have a basic loose blouse and a khaki wide-leg pants ( that will make your legs look longer ;) ) with white sneakers. You can even wear it for a nice casual day with your friends. Let your inner BOSS LADY express itself! 

    LOOK 5

    Natural hair afro girl wearing a summer outfit.

    @Bybriani - Briani

    If you don’t know what to wear… Just go for a casual summer look like this one. A white detailed bralette, pair it with a high-waisted short to create a cute outfit.  Let the sun connect with your skin. Now you’re ready to go and enjoy the summer.

    Tell us what you think :)

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    Perfect playlist to enjoy this summer

    Posted by Julie Yango on

    " Make sure you take a break from social media, reach out to a friend, educate yourself, go for a walk… Do something to ease your soul and clear your mind <3 "
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