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From your brunch date to your night out with friends, here are some outfit ideas for this summer. We took inspiration on some of our favorite social media influencers/boss ladies and paired every look with the perfect Camille Coté Hat. We also gave you some suggestions to accessorize the outfits.


Our first look is for all of our Brunch ladies out there. We took inspiration from the influencer Gabifresh on Instagram. This simple look is perfect for a hot summer day when you don’t want to put too much effort in your outfit, but still wants to look nice.

Femme aux cheveux naturels pourtant une robe d'été                                    

We would pair this look with our Brigitte Model, to add a sophisticated side to this outfit. It would be perfect for Gabi’s natural hair, since its wide brim visor style won’t crush all of her volume on top.


Chapeau en paille d'été , couleur naturelle, style visière

Put on a simple pair of sandals, here we have the Kenya model from Intervalle, and a little corduroy bag from NST studio and you are good to go.

Sac pochette en corduroy bleu Sandale en cuir à talon, bleu poudre, L'intervalle



This next look is for an afternoon spent exploring the city. Whether you want to take nice Instagram pictures or prefer to discover new neighborhoods to grasp the beat of the city or even walk around camera in hand, this is the perfect look for you.

  Jeune femme, ensemble monochrome           

We took inspiration on Valeria Lipovetsky, a content creator living in Toronto. The key aspect here is to be comfortable. We would pair her outfit with our Kennedy Hat. It will keep your eyes hidden from the sun whilst giving your outfit a more street wear vibe.


Casquette en paille noir, élastique à l'arrière pour faire à tous les styles de cheveux

For the shoes, keep it comfortable and go with a statement sneaker, we chose the Alba style from Maguire Boutique in Origano. For the bag we would opt for a crossbody bag that can fit your phone, small camera and wallet, we suggest the Reagan model from Want Les essentiels.

  Sneakers verte, Maguire boutique    petit sac à bandoulière noir, Want les Essentiels  


Its golden hour time. This third look is perfect for a dinner with friends or with your lover on a sunny terrace, chatting about your day while sharing a bottle of rosé.

We were inspired by Hannah Bronfman, a DJ and social media influencer. We love the simplicity of her look, while remaining fashionable and feminine.

This outfit would look great with our model TSU. Its natural color pairs perfectly with light blues and its elastic at the back will fit everyone’s hair type, just like Hanna’s beautiful curly hair.


Chapeau en paille beige, fait parfaitement à tous les cheveux

For the shoes, a simple sandal with a comfortable heel would be perfect to keep your feet looking classy. We suggest the Kaeidia model from Aldo.  For the bag, we would go with a small clutch, to fit only your essential, just like the Sicilia bag from Maguire Boutique in Crocro black.

Sandale noir simple, Aldo   Petit sac noir de soirée, en cuir



This last outfit is prefect for when you want to go out, let loose and have some fun with your friends. It’s for the classic nights out, which are about enjoying the summer night life or experiencing bar hoping across town.This look comes from one of our collection shoots for SS19.

Jeune femme, style streatwear, chapeau camille coté

We would definitely pair it with our Claire model, just like presented in the picture.


Chapeau en paille noir, style casquette, Camille coté

For the bag, we would go with a belt bag, so you can easily carry all of your necessities all night long. We chose the Half Jess from Sonya Lee.  For the shoes, we would opt for either a statement sneaker, we love the HotelMotel Milestone sneakers in all white. You have the freedom to customize your shoes if you want to have a unique design or to keep them all white for a sleek understated element.

Sneakers blanc en cuir, fait au canada, Hotel Motel Petit sac banane en cuir noir, simple

You could also opt for a classic black heel, this one is from Intervalle in the model Lavelle, to elongate your silhouette and add a feminine touch.


Sandale à talon haut en cuir noir, simple et élégant


There is no more excuses now not to go out and enjoy your summer in style. 




(En ordre d'apparition) 

Look 1


Hat: Brigitte, Camille Coté

Bag: Corduroy Knot Bag from NST Studio

Shoes: Kenya in Blue leather, l'Intervalle 

Look 2

Valeria Lipovetsky

Hat: Kennedy, Camille coté

Shoes: Alba in Origano, Maguire Boutique 

Bag: Reagan leather Crossbody bag, Want Les Essentiels 

Look 3

Hannah Bronfman

Hat: Tsu, Camille Coté

Shoes: Kaeidia, Aldo

Bag: Sicilia, Maguire Boutique

Look 4

Camille coté SS19

Hat: Claire, Camille Coté

Sneakers: Milestone, HotelMotel

Bag: Half Jess, Sonya Lee

Heels: Lavelle in Black Patent, L'Intervalle

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