Spring is coming and we can’t stop thinking about it!

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Having had a particularly rough year with this world pandemic, we all yearn for a little escapism. This will absolutely show in the fashion trends coming this spring and summer, so here they are!

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@addictedtodom & @croppedhat
With almost a year of lockdown, we discovered a strong love for relaxed, comfortable and practical fits. Our home being a place of work, self-care and play, we need clothes that makes the transitions easy between those three. The influencers developed a new name for this trend: the “twomilewear”, as in clothes you can wear within a radius of 2 miles around your house. So, don’t be scared to stay in your comfort zone. Mix it up with bold colors and some accessories, like our Harlem or our Biggie hats, which are both made of woolfelt, and offer a light and relaxed fit.
Curly hair model wearing a tie-dye shirt with a straw hat, taking off @alohayalie's Instagram account
With a lot of time on our hands, some people also discovered a passion for handmade items. It is amazing what you can do with clothes that you don’t wear anymore. You can try dyeing them, reworking them, tie-dyeing them, repurposing them, and more. This will definitely show in the coming trends of big fashion brands. So why don’t you take a step ahead and include it in your wardrobe? It’s also a very fun hobby!
Model dancing in a long beige robe with a big straw hat, taking off @maggieontherocks's Instagram account
This brings us to one of the most important growing themes of the fashion industry: durability. As we have all seen it coming, our clothes will take a sustainable turn, and we will want to keep them longer, and make them seasonless. So, don’t be shy to tap into your neutrals: it’s not boring, it’s trendy! Try out clothes that are more natural and that promotes well-being through calming clay tones, like pink, beige or brown.
Model wearing straw hat, the liberty hat from croppedhat, with a white tank top
A strong sense of nostalgia will be felt this summer, as we will probably not experience vacations outside of our country anytime soon. Try to include some materials that will make you relive those vacations, like wool, raffia, seagrass, cotton, and more. Try out one of our straw hats, like the Liberty, the Davis or the TSU hat. They scream vacations and are a great addition to a casual fit!
Model wearing visor straw hat with a big bow and a black hoodie looking away from camera @croppedhat
Finally, a big theme that will obviously develop within fashion is protection. With a world pandemic, everybody developed a strong need for it. We will find it in fashion in little ways like visors on your hats, masks included on your clothes, and more. We suggest including our straw visors as a staple in your wardrobe this summer! Reuniting two big themes together, they will elevate any other outfits.
Two models, one wearing a straw hat and another one looking at a book, both wearing clothes in neutral colors, taking off @whowhatwear's Instagram account
With spring break at our doors, you can already begin to think about those hot summer fits! During those times, try to support your local businesses for your shopping, and travel within our province. We have magical places to discover!
Stay safe and travel in style! xo

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