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Here it is, my very first introduction on someone's blog I really admire. Hi! I’m Pam and just like you I fell in love with Camille’s hats, that's actually how we got to know each other.
In my everyday’s life I am a Flight Attendant and a total travel addict constantly working on a minimalist but fashionable way to travel. I believe less is more and I use multipurpose items as much as I can at home and on the road.
My trick is to have a maximum of 3 different colours and more tops than bottoms in my wardrobe so everything matches easily all together. I use accessories for statements or to dress down an outfit. After all of these years traveling I realized the importance of buying locally as much as I can in all aspects of my life. I want to know that my hard earn money goes to a business with great work ethics. Thank you Camille for your creativity and devotion, I’m always so proud to tell others where I get my hats from.

Hopefully my little tips will serve you on your next trip!


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