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This spring, Croppedhat will be realeasing a brand-new drop in collaboration with DJ Karaba. Karaba is a Congolese-French DJ that grew up in Montreal. Through this mini collection, they will be presenting three hats inspired by the style of DJ Karaba, with the Croppedhat aesthetic.

Therefore, I asked some questions to the designer Camille Côté and Karaba, to get a better idea of how the collection was built and the inspirations behind it.

First of all, how did you guys meet?

K : Camille invited me to an event, but I unfortunately couldn’t show up, and we started to talk from there. I had seen her Instagram page and I thought the hats looked great.

C : I told her we could eventually do a collaboration together.

How did the idea of doing a collaboration came, and who initiated it?

C : I’m the one who initiated it. Most of the time, I have a clear idea of where I want to go with a collaboration, so it was pretty set in my head.

Karaba, was it your first experience with fashion?  

K : I think so. I already did some collaborations in fashion, with shoes, for example, but it was the first time where I participated in the creation process.

Did you like it?

K : Yes, of course, I loved it!

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Are you someone that is used to wear hats?

K : No, in fact, I rarely wear any. However, on the occasion where I do wear them, I like how they fit me. What really attracted me to her brand was that most of the women wearing the hats were black women, because with our hair, it can be pretty difficult to wear them. So, when I saw the Cropped Hat, to see it on women with fros, I could clearly see myself wearing them. That’s what pulled me in, compared to other companies, where you can see that wearing their hats is going to be difficult with my type of hair.

And Camille, was it your first collaboration with a musician?

C : I did a collaboration with Shah Frank, a Montreal singer, it was short but so fun. I could say this is my first official long term collaboration, yes.

Would you do it again?

C : Absolutely

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Let’s talk about the collection, why three hats?

C : We talked about it, a little bit. Three is a great number, it’s perfect.

K : Yes, exactly, we chose the types of hat and we thought three was great, because it represents different personalities, like Karaba, that can go from being sportive, to casual, to grandiose.

C : And in the same time, it can work for three different types of events, so people can easily identify with it.

What was your main inspiration for this collection?

C : For me, it mainly is from Karaba: her lifestyle and her different personalities declined. As Karaba, it is a universal collection.

K : I like what she said - because I usually say I’m a world citizen to explain how I feel. I was born in France, my father is Congolese, my mother is Italian, and I grew up in Quebec. So, I find that this element shines through, because we can reach everyone.

C : The collection is therefore very inclusive, which is close to the Croppedhat mission - that hats are suitable for everyone.


In this collection, we’re going to find three different forms of hat: a bucket hat, a wide sun hat and a visor. For each hat, what are the available colors?

C : For the « bucket hat », or the « Ross », we have the colors gold, blue and black. For the wide sun hat, or the « Franklin », we have the colors gold and black. And for the visor, or the « Turner », we have the colors blue, yellow and green.

K : I have a passion for blue, so that’s why we see it a lot in the collection. Otherwise, for the yellow and gold, I remember that I put honey in our inspirations, therefore it really made sense to include those colors.

C : Yes, especially with the yellow visor in vinyl, the texture and color together really make it seem like honey. There was also aquatic inspirations, which blended well with the inspirations of Karaba. It came naturally and easily to find the right colors together.

How did you choose the materials for each form?

C : The idea for vinyl came from Karaba.

K : Yes, that really appealed to me. And for the straw, I think it came from Camille.

C : Yes, well, straw is great for summer hats. It’s really light. All the straw that we used is a 100% Milan straw from Germany.


If you could name one song for each hat, what would it be?

C : Every hat is already associated with a singer, because they were all in our inspirations.

K : For the songs, it would be those ones I think :

Franklin: Natural Woman – Aretha Franklin

Ross: I’m Coming Out - Diana Ross

Turner: Proud Mary – Tina Turner

When can we expect to see this new collection?

C : The collection will become available on next April 12th, directly on croppedhat.com.

Will they be available for a short amount of time or will you include some of them permanently on your website?

C : That’s a good question! We’ll have to see, I guess!

Finally, can we expect another collaboration in the future, in music or fashion?

C : I think it will inspire a lot of other collaborations, that’s for sure!


All things considered, we can't wait for you to see the new collection, which will be out very soon! Make sure to follow Croppedhat and Karaba on their social media, in order to see the official launch, as well as a few suprises beforehand.


Website : https://www.djkaraba.com

IG : @djkaraba


Soundcloud: DJ KARABA


Website : https://www.croppedhat.com

IG : @croppedhat

FB : Croppedhat

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