How to take care of your Hats

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Taking good care of your hat is the clue to its longevity and being able to wear it throughout the different seasons. Now, caring for it depends on many factors, the most important one is the material in which it is made in. Whether it is straw, felt, nylon or cotton, you will need to do different things to clean it.



Straw is a delicate material, susceptive to change. Here at Camille Côté we have three different types of straw.

We have the parisisal straw, like the Visière Bourgeoise

We have the seagrass straw, just like the TSU


We have the Cotton/straw, just like the Brigitte



What to do if your straw gets dirty?

To clean your straw hat, use a damp cloth, preferably in a light color so it doesn’t dye the straw, with a little bit of dish soap. This way you can clean sweat stains, makeup, body oils or even food. This works best when it is done rapidly after the stain appears.

How can you reshape your straw hat?

You can just spray your hat with a bottle of water to dampen the hat, it helps to reshape it more easily. However, avoid soaking it with too much water. 


Felt is a tricky fabric to clean and keep beautiful at all times.

We sell two different types of felt hat.

We have wool felt, used on the BRONX


We have rabbit felt, like the Carter

What if your felt hat is exposed to water?

You should definitely avoid exposing your felt hat to water. However, in the case of sudden rain, which can definitely happen, just gently shake off as much water as you can and let it dry on a leveled-out surface. You should never use heat to dry your hat, since it can cause deformation and can shrink the fabric.

How can you clean your felt hat?

For a small stain

You can spot clean with a damp cloth and a little bit of soap. Just like the straw material, use a light color cloth so it doesn’t transfer onto the hat. You should always dab and not rub so you don’t create too much friction. Again, let your hat air dry, do not hang it, since water makes the hat heavier and can cause stretching.

For dust or dirt

If you have a soft-bristle brush, made for felt, you can also use it to clean your hat or dust off any dirt. Using it in soft, circular motions, all the way around the hat.

For grease

If the stain comes from grease, use a powder instead of a soap to absorb the stain, cornstarch works well. Let it sit for a while and when the stain is gone, just brush off the excess powder.

For pet hair or lint

You can use a lint roller or sticky tape to remove any pet hair or lint.


In all of our hats, Nylon is the material that is the less prone to stains.

To clean your hat, you can use a damp light-colored cloth with a little bit of soap to remove the stain.


If we could choose one fabric that is the easiest to take care of, it would be our cotton hat, since you can use a washing machine.

You can take care of your cotton hat the same way you would for any type of clothing item you have, made from cotton. If there's a stain, you can wash it in your washing machine using a gentle setting, with similar colored clothing. Then hang it to let it air dry. You can also steam it or iron it if there are any wrinkles.


Storage is often overlooked when it comes to hats. You may think it doesn’t matter where or how you keep it; however, it can alter the color as well as the shape of your hat.

One of the most important things is to not expose your hat, no matter its material, to the sun. Why? Because it can cause discoloration and even yellowing. Also, high temperatures cause deformation.

Where should you store your hat?

You should put it somewhere that has no risk of damaging your hat or altering its shape. If you decide to do a hat wall, you should consider the way the sun hits the wal. Also, you can put it on a shelf, but be careful to someone putting something over it and crushing your hat. The best way to store it would be in a box.

You should never store your hat, especially your straw hat, in a plastic bag, since it can cause it to dry out and be more fragile to breakage.

How to maintain the shape of your hat ?

To keep the shape of the hat, it's very simple. Put some paper in a ball in the hat and that's it.
When you travel, you should do the same thing and stack your clothes on it. 


Now that you know how to take care of your hat, you will be able to enjoy it all year round.

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