How To Find Your Hair Routine

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When it comes to hair, I don't know about you but it's always been a struggle for me. We all have different hair goals, it could be strength, thickness, length, curls definition, you name it! Finding your hair routine isn't easy but with  patience and multiple tests ( Lord knows). I'm going to give you a few tips on how to get a good routine.


First of all, you have to know the type of hair you have, it's really important because it'll help you to find the adequate products for your hair. I got one thing to say the porosity test or the float test, basically it's about your hair is able to absorb and retain moisture.

All you have to do is wash your hair, take a strand of hair and drop them in a glass or bowl of water. Let it sit for 4 minutes.

Now, there are 3 type of porosity: 

- Low porosity: if you hair floats, it means that the scales lay flat and tightly against one another, they hinder water from absorbing into the hair.

- Medium porosity: if your hair stays in the middle , it means that your hair is healthy and react very well to colorations.

- High porosity: if your hair sinks, it means that the scales 


A good hair routine takes time, especially when it's wash day *tears*, don't worry we're in this together.

So, a complete hair routine involves: shampoo, conditionner/leave-in conditionner, styling products.

You shouldn't shampoo everyday, because it'll strip your scalp of all the oils/products you use. I'd say at least once a week, but for me I sometimes wash my hair every two weeks. Choosing your shampoo can be very difficult but an important task to do.


Here are a few good shampoo: 

- Shampoo  Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil 

- Shampoo BAZ.IC Néroli (my favorite)

- Shampoo Ultra Doux  Avocado 

Make sure to massage your scalp gently for at least 10mins. Don't scratch your scalp. Apply shampoo, massage your scalp, then rinse it out, do it two or three times depending on your patience :P


Now my favorite part, the conditionner, this is the most important part in my hair routine. If you hair easily get tangled then you should definitely love this part too. Conditioner makes it easier to detangle and make it softer.

My top 3 : 

- Pattern beauty - intensive conditioner for tight textures

- HoliRoots conditioner 

- Aussie Moist Conditioner 

- Garnier Fructis - Papaya conditioner

Once you apply it, you can brush your hair and braid your hair into sections. Let it rest 40 mins then you can rinse it out. Dry your hair with a t-shirt or a microfiber towel, always be gentle with your hair. 

Let's not forget the mask, I'd suggest to do a hair mask 2x per month, here is a list of good hair masks you can try out:

-  Homemade avocado & banana mask: all you need is 1/2 avocado (mashed), 1 banana (mashed), olive oil ( 2tablespoon) and 1 beaten egg. 

- Papaya mask by Fructis Garnier 

- Homemade aloe vera mask: all you need is aloe vera (the purest you can find), honey and yoghurt, you mix it up and that's it.


After that, it's time for the leave-in conditionner, it provides deep moisture and hydration to your hair.  Use your fingers to detangle with the leave-in, it's the best way to define your natural curls (if you have curly/afro hair) and that's it.

Here's a list of nice leave-in conditioners: 

- Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil 

- Pattern leave-in conditioner 

- Ultra doux avocado & shea butter leave-in cream


And you hair routine is done. Of course, the list I shared with you isn't limited and it depends on your hair type. The main goal is to get healthy and beautiful hair at the end of the day <3 

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