Artist Of The Week - Meet Maia Fadoul

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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Maia Faddoul and I’m an illustrator and designer based in Montreal.

What made you want to make art?

To be honest, I  don’t recall ever not wanting to make art! One of my abuelos was a professional artist in South America, and although I didn’t get to see him a lot growing up, he was always an inspirational figure.

What does your artwork represent to you?

I see my creative work as happy, colourful and bold imagery, in which I often include messages about causes I’m passionate about. My work is kind of a billboard for the things I want to share and amplify in my surroundings.

Can you describe your creative process?

For my illustration work, It always begins with some sketching and research before I jump into digital drawing. I’ll often come back to my pieces and re-work certain bits over a few days - it really is a process!

Is there a real-life situation that inspired you for some of your artwork?

Nature and plants are a huge inspiration of mine and the simple change of seasons in Montreal always inspires me to create and showcase organic beauty. I love digitally designing murals on blank walls I find in my neighbourhood and posting them to my social media.

Talk to us about some important messages (or causes) that passionates you and that you include in your artwork ?

I like to illustrate topics that speak to me, often touching on issues of representation, intersectional feminism and empowerment. I also am committed to donating part of my monthly Etsy proceeds to a different social justice cause on a monthly basis, ranging from Centers for homeless women, indigenous rights organizations, Groups offering legal services to black youth in Canada, anti-asian hate organizations, etc.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on some really fun packaging projects with the Collective Arts brewery which I’m excited to see come out on shelves soon.

I’m also working on a second online class for the Skillshare platform,
On the topic of Procreate animation on the iPad - Stay tuned!


Instagram: @maiafadd

Etsy Shop: MaiaFaddoul

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