Artist of the Week - Meet Lennie Rayen

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Who are you and what do you do?
Hi!! My name is Lennie Rayen & I'm a singer/songwriter!

The Montreal singner songwriter Lennie Rayen

What first got you into music?
I was around 6 years old & I think I saw something like High School Musical playing on TV, I saw them all singing & was like "I wanna do that too". So I started taking piano lessons & from there I've just always been doing music.

What is you main inspiration?
This is hard because I'm inspired by so much, & it's always changing. Currently I'd say I'm inspired by my environment & the people I've been surrounding myself with.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?
I would describe my music as Alternative Indie/Folk or Indie Dream Pop. I'm always experimenting with my sound so it's always changing & I feel like it's hard to fit in any particular box.

Could you tell us more about your recent single?
My most recent single "Like You Do" is a song I wrote about comparing myself to other people all the time, I do it so often that it literally consumes me. With how I wrote it, it could also sound like a breakup song, which I love - the idea of people interpreting it for themselves.

Any further project you want to share with us?
Right now, I'm writing & recording a lot of new music, I'm looking to put out another single sometime this year, & perhaps an EP next year!

Lennie Rayen playing guitar is our artist of the week

The artist Lennie Rayen for Croppedhat

Do you wear hats and how do you think fashion and music are related?
Yes! I've always loved fashion & I think incorporating fashion into music can really help set the tone for how the music may or may not sound.


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