Artist of The Week - Meet Camilo Musse!

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Who are you?

I'm an artist and executive producer who spends most of my time creating and try push the culture. Originally from Mozambique, since I had the opportunity to live in the UK, I haven’t stopped chasing my dreams. Started as rapper then went into producing and now I'm building a film production company by the name of Cineview LTD. My goal isn't to only create amazing work, I also aim to create opportunities for people in the creative industry through music, films and arts.

In what way your art is unique?

I feel like my art is unique due to the fact that everything I put my hands on has to have a purpose and when you do things with a purpose it’s very hard not to stand out. What also makes my art unique is the fact I’m inspired by a lot things from different places, I absorb a lot of information and that allows me create something unique.

What inspires you?

Things that I experienced growing up and still experience today are my main source of inspiration, whether it's good and or bad. That's what made me who I am. My other inspiration...I'd say people, I get a lot of inspiration from people, they have beautiful stories to tell and I think it need to be heard. That's my biggest motivation to keep going on.

How do you define success?

A lot of times, we attach success with money. For me, success is living your life with purpose and be happy with who you are no matter how much you have. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be rich rich but if I ain’t happy with who I am then it means nothing to me.

We're in a pandemic, not easy, so how do you manage to keep creating?

Yes, it's been pretty tough for everyone. However, I can't complain that much because it was a blessing to be in a quarantine and create. I made a full EP and videos, I also produced and directed a video with some artists and companies based in the UK, this enabled to run my business.

What's the last thing you learn?

Live is too short to do nothing. Try to do as much as you can. Create beautiful memories.

When do you feel most creative?

I feel most creative when I’m alone, especially when things are tough because I get to minimize distractions and focus more on the art.



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