Artist of the Week - Meet Madelline

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Who are you and what do you do?
Hi!! My name is Madelline and I’m a singer, songwriter, producer, actor, music video producer and director!

What first got you into music?
I grew up doing choir and school band. I was also a total musical theatre kid. Growing up, my parents always had great classics playing in the house. 


Montreal musician Madelline trying on sunglasses in a red lighting with a blacn bralette and mom jeans


How would you describe the music that you typically create?
I would describe my music as having influences of pop and rap but ultimately genre less. I’m not confined by sticking in a certain sound, experimenting is what keeps me passionate.

If you could go open a show for any artist, who would it be?
Charli XCX because i think her fans would appreciate my music.


Madelline singer artist with red hair standing on a motel bed with a floral dress


What is the best advice you’ve been given?
Act confident and people will believe in you.

What’s next for you?
I’m currently dropping the rest of my debut EP “NOISE COMPLAINT” along with a short film encompassing the last two songs on it. Afterwards, I’m heading to the US to finish recording another project and creating new visuals.



Madelline montreal artist wearing bunny ears out of a motel window, being rebellious


Pictures taken by: Besty May Smith

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Artist Of The Week - Meet Maia Fadoul

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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Maia Faddoul and I’m an illustrator and designer based in Montreal.

What made you want to make art?

To be honest, I  don’t recall ever not wanting to make art! One of my abuelos was a professional artist in South America, and although I didn’t get to see him a lot growing up, he was always an inspirational figure.

What does your artwork represent to you?

I see my creative work as happy, colourful and bold imagery, in which I often include messages about causes I’m passionate about. My work is kind of a billboard for the things I want to share and amplify in my surroundings.

Can you describe your creative process?

For my illustration work, It always begins with some sketching and research before I jump into digital drawing. I’ll often come back to my pieces and re-work certain bits over a few days - it really is a process!

Is there a real-life situation that inspired you for some of your artwork?

Nature and plants are a huge inspiration of mine and the simple change of seasons in Montreal always inspires me to create and showcase organic beauty. I love digitally designing murals on blank walls I find in my neighbourhood and posting them to my social media.

Talk to us about some important messages (or causes) that passionates you and that you include in your artwork ?

I like to illustrate topics that speak to me, often touching on issues of representation, intersectional feminism and empowerment. I also am committed to donating part of my monthly Etsy proceeds to a different social justice cause on a monthly basis, ranging from Centers for homeless women, indigenous rights organizations, Groups offering legal services to black youth in Canada, anti-asian hate organizations, etc.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on some really fun packaging projects with the Collective Arts brewery which I’m excited to see come out on shelves soon.

I’m also working on a second online class for the Skillshare platform,
On the topic of Procreate animation on the iPad - Stay tuned!


Instagram: @maiafadd

Etsy Shop: MaiaFaddoul

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Artist of the Week - Meet Baya

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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Baya and I’m a 19-year-old model, poet and illustrator. Born and raised in Montreal, I learned to compliment my life with art. I like to bring watercolor to life and illustrate feelings through words. Sometimes, I’ll put both of these together to create one piece. I also use ink, acrylics and makeup to accompany some of my work.


What art form do you most identify with ?

It’s hard to answer that as someone that’s pretty multidisciplinary, but I’d say poetry. Although I believe each feeling and concept has its own preferable medium, poetry allows me to describe anything I want. From visuals to more complex ideas, the possibilities are kind of endless when I’m writing. I also feel more connected to poetry since it was the first way I was introduced to art in my life. I started pretty young, at a point where I didn’t even know that what I was writing was even called poetry. It’s safe to say that I’ve got a soft spot for it.


Where do you find your inspiration ?

I’d say that there are 3 major sources of inspiration for my work. The first one, as cliché as it sounds, would be personal situations. I like to go through my own feelings and peel each layer to extract every perspective. This also applies to other people’s feelings that I can come across. The second one is kind of odd, but it’s actually imagery that I see while I'm dreaming. The last one is music. I like to create a playlist for every piece I’m working on. Feelings aren’t so tangible, so using sounds and textures that you can find in music as inspiration helps alot with illustrating these concepts.

Sweet Coffee Thoughts

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received ?

To enjoy the process as much as the result ! This can apply to art, but also anything else we build in life. I think it’s a good reminder to sometimes slow things down. It’s important to take our journey at our own most suitable pace.

What inspires you the most to create ?

Since I take a lot from surrealism and symbolism, the idea that I can alter reality through my art and even confuse whoever is seeing my pieces is quite fun to me. I like to think that what I create will push some people into contemplation. It’s that interactive nature of art that inspires me to create as much as I do.

Picture taken by Hamza Abouelouafaa

Instagram : @kleophie

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Karaba x Croppedhat's Playlist

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Hey beautiful souls!

Summer is there and we want to dance and sing with you!

Karaba and Camille decided to put together a playlist for you to enjoy, based on their last drop. Pour yourself a glass of wine, and go through these amazing throwbacks with us!

1. I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross

2. Proud Mary - Tina Turner

3. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Aretha Franklin

4. At Last - Etta James

5. I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free) - Nina Simone

6. Doo-Wop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill

7. Together Again - Janet Jackson

8. Black Hand Side - Queen Latifah

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Artist of the Week - Meet Maria

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First of all, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Maria Helena Ghadban but I just go by Maria. I was born in Montréal, raised around a very strict environment in the Middle East with a Syrian mom and a Lebanese dad. I was never able to express myself growing up, especially being part of the LGBTQ+ community.

I don’t necessarily label myself as an influencer, I’m an artist. I’ve loved painting since I was 5, until I discovered that I can paint my face. I realized make-up is how I break out of the strict and pressured environment that surrounds me every day, it’s how I free my heart and mind. I’m a freelance make-up artist, mostly creating on myself but always wanting to expand. My ultimate goal is to break the mold of the very popular “flawless and polished” beauty and social media standards. I want to share my life stories and emotions through my art; raw, unedited, and imperfect — because no one is.

Montreal artist Maria with a face all red, with grunge outfit


How did you discover your passion for make-up?

Back when I lived in Lebanon, I was about 8. My mom was never fully glamorous, but my aunt was and still very much is. Whenever she visited and would be applying her makeup, I always stood next to her and watched everything she was doing curiously. I would even recommend product placement and ask if I could try her lipsticks; she gave me my first one.

Around 2009 was when I discovered Lady Gaga and the rise of makeup YouTube, especially Michelle Phan. I remember watching the “Just Dance” music video, then seeing Michelle’s videos in the recommended tab. I watched just about all of her Gaga recreations, that’s when the hybrid of my love for Gaga and passion for make-up started. It wasn’t until 2015, when I moved to Montréal full time, that I discovered Rupaul’s Drag Race & I fell in love with Adore Delano. I started watching more makeup tutorials, slowly trying to replicate her look. 2015 was the year that I knew make-up was more than just a hobby. It’s a real passion that I knew I wanted to pursue, and I’m still on that journey.

Lady Gaga inspired makeup, with pink hair, red lips and grunge eyes

What's a great make-up look that you would like to recreate, and why?

I’ve recently discovered @ a1jewel0310 on Instagram and I’m blown away by their talent and techniques. I love thinking about people’s thought process for a make-up look, and how their work makes you gasp in the best way possible. It makes me want to take out a pen and paper and challenge myself into sketching designs as intricate as theirs. They treat their face as if it were an actual piece of paper, without focusing on perfection, and that is the exact message I want to send through my art. I want to recreate this look because it would challenge my abilities and teach me new techniques. I also have ADD so it would be amazing practice to focus, breathe and take the time to perfect everything.

Montage of montreal makeup artist in pop hues on a red wavy chair

What are your favorite brands right now?

First, without a doubt, Haus Laboratories. I know it might sound a little biased because it’s my idol’s makeup brand, but I truly adore everything they stand for. Their global message is to stop comparing yourself to what you see on social media, to stop setting unrealistic expectations and letting yourself down, to embrace imperfection because that’s what makes you unique and beautiful, ultimately spreading the message of self kindness and compassion, because if you can’t be kind and respectful to yourself, you’ll never be able to do so to anyone else. That is the exact message that I want to scream out loud, it’s extremely important yet so overlooked. Their team is made up of the most amazing people. That brand was the first to ever reach out to me, allowing me to be a part of the Haus, and it still feels like a dream. They made me realize that the number of followers doesn’t matter, your intention does. Transparency and honesty shows way beyond a number. It makes me emotional knowing that they believed in me to share their strong and powerful message, sharing the same morals as my idol.

Second, Pat McGrath labs. I purchased two of her products back when they weren’t even available in Canada yet. Pat has been my idol since 2016. Her make-up intelligence is beyond. Her high fashion runway looks are nothing short of pure art that you can stare at and lose track of time. She markets her products as divine, and divine they are! Every time I apply them I feel like a model strutting fashion week. What’s special is that you can tell it’s made from one artist to another, for the creatives who dream of directing runway shows.

@mariagrxms with a white blouse and corset, with red and black hair

What are some items that you can’t live without?

Cream blush is a must have for everyone, the Milk makeup lip and cheek sticks are the way to go. They have a dewy finish, you can put it on top of your sunscreen and it looks like you’re naturally blushing and glowing too. My favourite shade is Perk, it’s the perfect in-between of peach and pink. They last very long which I really appreciate.

Haus Laboratories’ new launch has quickly become an every day must use as well, the PhD lip oil stain. I had never tried lip oils before, but they’re literally the better version of a lip balm. This formula however reacts with your personal pH and transforms into your unique shade which is genius. The result looks like your lip colour but more vibrant and enhanced. My favourite shades are Tint (sheer red) and Primary (sheer pink). They’re long lasting and extremely hydrating and I think everyone needs to try them.

Lastly, mascara, which I don’t always apply because I do dislike the removal process but when I do I literally feel so put together and sexy. I can put it on without any face products and still feel so pretty. It completes any look and takes it up a few hundred notches so I definitely cannot live without it, my favourite is the Kush mascara by Milk makeup.

Natural makeup of artist Maria, with bleached hair and eyebrows

Could you share with us a great beauty tip?

A tip that I’ve recently discovered and am in love with is putting lip balm on your eyes. I know “what is she talking about?” But trust me it changed me. It works wether you’re in a hurry or not, wether you want to try something new or have no time to try anything new, with or without an eyeshadow look, it’s just literally perfect.

Apply your favourite blush on your cheeks, eyes, and lips for a nice full pout, then use a clear or tinted lip balm and apply on your lips and eyelids. My favourites are the balm dotcom by Glossier in shades “Berry” and “Cherry”. They’re tinted so they give you an effortless healthy glow, and a slight gloss to your eyes which is so striking and sexy. Put on some mascara and you’re good to go. For a more editorial runway look, the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Highlighter & Balm Duo is a fancier but perfect option. You’re guaranteed to feel like the hottest person alive with a glossy eye, forever a go-to.

Instagram : @mariagrxms

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