The Croppedhat™ brand transcend the established traditional millinery through its unique vision - reflecting free spirit by its design that allow movement and fluidity. Known for its instinctive minimalism, mixing sobriety and technical complexity, Croppedhat™ explore a new path claiming its mission : offering a hat that fits everyone. Croppedhat™ is becoming the symbol of a movement, powered by its community, that express multiples variations of their true self.

Artist of the week - meet Fred aka Aleera

Who’s behind Aleera, the popular drag queen that is elevating the Montreal fashion scene? Meet Fred Desjardins, a young passionate who redifines the gender boundaries.


Artist of the week - meet chloé berland!

Chloé is a young fierce multitalent Montreal artist who expresses herself in a unique way. Her hard work and charisma inspired us to get a closer look to her art and how she navigates through it.


Karaba x croppedhat

We are thrilled to present the next drop including three summer hats in collaboration with DJ Karaba. Read this exclusive conversation between the DJ and the designer.


A glimpse into C’nee Starlette’s mind

Get to know the hip hop singer from the Montreal suburbs.
« Sometimes, I get a burst of creativity when I’m walking to get somewhere and so, I have to take my cell phone and record my ideas. »


Spring is coming and we can’t stop thinking about it!

Having had a particularly rough year with this world pandemic, we all yearn for a little escapism. This will absolutely show in the fashion trends coming this spring and summer, so here they are!


Artist Of The Week - Meet Audrey-Anne Séguin!

Meet Audrey-Anne Séguin, a young artist that will make you smile. Positive, creative, this bossy lady from Montreal is unstoppable.



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