Our new drop is out! This spring-summer 2021, we allied music and design. DJ Karaba is a french-congolese artist living in Montreal that we collaborated with for this season mini collection mixing streetwear and luxury. It was a natural fit; the hats get the vibe of Karaba and the signature cut of Croppedhat™. As the pragmatic design is important to us, we thought of a comfortable design that allow ease and movement. We created a limited series of three hat styles with a unique vibe for each of them, such as Karaba’s personnality multiple variations. Here is a mood booster collection to conquer this particular pandemic situation we are into. Each piece is handmade in Montreal. Shop your fave trendy « two mile-wear » accessory and be sure to protect yourself from the sun this summer while being flawless.

Read the Karaba X Croppedhat™ collaboration story here.


100% powerful black women - this playlist will give you courage for the next months! Listen to the Karaba X Croppedhat™ official playlist.


Artist of the week - Meet Maria

" My name is Maria Helena Ghadban but I just go by Maria. I was born in Montréal, raised around a very strict environment in the Middle East with a Syrian mom and a Lebanese dad. I was never able to express myself
growing up, especially being part of the LGBTQ+ community. "


Are you a "Dot it yourself" kinda person?

Here is many local designers who will turn you into one of theme - no doubt. The new DIY fever is here to stay.


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She's a rising star and her music touches our heart. From Notorious B.I.G to Death Grips, discover the many influences of this atypical singer and songwriter.


Artist of the Week - Meet Favielle

Entering the intimacy of this queer black strong woman who is literally inspired by her daily routine! Her pieces are fun and challenging. Let's dig into her world.


Artist of the week - meet Fred aka Aleera

Who’s behind Aleera, the popular drag queen that is elevating the Montreal fashion scene? Meet Fred Desjardins, a young passionate who redifines the gender boundaries.



The Croppedhat™ brand transcend the established traditional millinery through its unique vision - reflecting free spirit by its design that allow movement and fluidity. Known for its instinctive minimalism, mixing sobriety and technical complexity, Croppedhat™ explore a new path claiming its mission : offering a hat that fits everyone. Croppedhat™ is becoming the symbol of a movement, powered by its community, that express multiples variations of their true self.